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Ric Michel Fine Art offers a wide array of services to our diverse clientele.

Each of our client groups – Corporate, Hospitality and Private Clients - is addressed below. Our unique Art Leasing and Art Locator programs are also discussed.

For further information or to arrange for a consultation with our art professionals, please contact us at (212) 710-1048
Athos Zacharias
Oil on Canvas
46 x 40"
Linda Arnold
Evening Light
Oil on Canvas
20 x 24"
Michael Knigin
Universal Force
Acrylic on Canvas on Board
26 x 60"
Arthur Secunda
Encampment in the Desert
Copper Print Plate Monoprint
30 x 22"
Paul Maxwell
Tidal Pool
Mixed Media on Canvas
24 x 24"
Richard Merchan
Stampede III
Acrylic on Canvas
92 x 110"

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