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Hospitality Art Placements

Each hospitality project – whether it be a hotel, restaurant, spa or the like – presents a unique challenge. Understanding the space – and the principal’s vision – is paramount. Sometimes our placements will be understated, other times provocative, sometimes they will even vary from room to room. But in every case, the art must enhance the experience – providing a greater value to be enjoyed by the principals, staff and visitors alike.

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Michael Knigin
Elite Babe
Acrylic and Enamel on Board
72 x 51"
Joseph Genova
Boat on the Beach
Oil on Canvas
16 x 24"
Richard Merchan
Acrylic on Canvas
62 x 60"
Kirk Richards
Sun Kissed
Oil on Canvas
30 x 24"
Daniel Pollera
American Porch
Acrylic on Masonite
24 x 32"
Peter Astrom
Oh my God, I feel so weird
Acrylic on Paper
30 x 22"

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