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Donald Roller Wilson
Donald Roller Wilson
Cori and Rett...
Oil on Canvas
51 x 64"
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A True Story... In 1975, Mr. M, then age 17, attended the first New York solo exhibition of the paintings of Donald Roller Wilson, who has since become a favorite of Robin Williams, Jack Nicholson, and other luminaries. “I was flat-out astonished by Roller’s work and painfully aware of my lack of resources,” recalls Mr. M. Unable to acquire a Roller painting at the time, he vowed to someday purchase a Donald Roller Wilson of his own.

Years later, Mr. M -- by then a successful venture capitalist -- related this story to his art dealer, Ric Michel. In fact, the very Roller painting Mr. M coveted had since been purchased by the Hirshhorn Museum in Washington, D.C. Thumbing through an old catalogue, Mr. M. pointed to long sold pieces from the 1975 exhibit and spoke wistfully of his desire to own a classic Roller.

After much research, Ric Michel located a painting from the 1975 show and negotiated its immediate acquisition for Mr. M. Today, it is the cornerstone of his collection – not to mention a dream come true.

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